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Silk screening minimum 24 quantity, pricing and minimums will need to be verified before production.

Promotional garments

Dress up your clients to advertise for you. Make your clients feel important and have your logo and name work for you.

Casual - these are probably the highest mileage garments. Your clients will enjoy wearing your brand on the weekends, while out shopping.

Outerwear - For the special client. A gesture like this helps you build solid, long lasting relationships.

Corporate uniform

Make the most of your corporate branding. Image is everything. Have your management and employees show the correct image to increase client confidence in your company.

Casual - Perfect for the industrial environment. Casual wear is also a cost effective way to launch an employee incentive program.

Formal - Uniform for the professional environment.

Outerwear - Reward your exceptional personnel with high end garments. Check out our seasonal lines

Special Events

Really promote that special event by selling event shirts.


Do you look and feel like a team? We have a full line of imprintable active wear for team sports and individual sports.